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17,000 hotels in Florida

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12 videos – scenic road trips in Florida


FLORIDA ROAD TRIPS – here is the sign you always should look for. Find the interesting back roads.
Follow our advice, leave the major highways and explore nature and wildlife on the Florida countryside.
Here are twelve scenic highways, presented with inspiring videos.

More hotels to book in Fort Lauderdale


When planning a holiday in Fort Lauderdale, be sure to check out the hotels in North Beach Village.
This is the most popular hotel area among our visitors.
Here you find Old Florida atmosphere close to the beach.

Florida to Cuba – what a dream trip!

You can now take a direct flight from Florida to Cuba.
Also: The cruise ships are lining up for taking passengers to Havana.
Fast ferry to Cuba can be a reality soon.


Favorite areas – follow in our footsteps:

Bustling Ocean Drive or South Beach – or more quiet areas further north in Miami Beach. This is all you need for a real Miami holiday.

Clearwater Beach is perfect for a family vacation. The riviera of the west coast – lots of hotels and seemingly endless beaches.


Fort Myers is the place to be in southwest Florida. The area is rich in islands, most famous is Sanibel, a paradise for shell collectors.

Fort Lauderdale – with clean, beautiful, inviting beaches. And the best discount shopping in the world.
Florida at its very best.

Key West. Party center, but with a really laid back feel. Caribbean food & culture, with a big dose of American emancipation, stacks of restaurants and many cozy hotels.

Downtown Orlando is not what you come to this area for. The parks have a life of their own, let us guide you! And we have professional advice from a local hotel expert for you.


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Disney’s four parks (almost always) win in the long run. After Magic Kingdom (1971), three other parks opened: Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.


The two Harry Potter Parks in Universal are a magical experience that can easily compete with Disney. There’s so much to do here that two days are required.


Sea World an exciting park, a combination of unique and imaginative water habitats, thrilling roller coasters and spectacular shows, guarantee family entertainment.


Over 1,000 km of sandy beaches along more of ,3500 km of coast line.
We have used our own experience in combination with the knowledge of world renowned beach experts, to compile a list of the best beaches in Florida.


Read why we suggest to not be too optimistic when it comes to time and distance in a huge state. Plus a lot of other useful information about Florida.


Lots of information about Everglades. All about airboats and the best places to see alligators. Learn why the alligator is a unique engineer.


Traffic in Florida tends to be a lot smoother and quieter than in many parts of Europe. Learn everything you need to know about traffic and tollroads.


Infos for swimming with dolphins in FloridaFoto: VISIT FLORIDA

Exciting encounter in the water – find the right place to swim with dolphins.
A compilation of the most wellknown
dolphin attractions in Florida.


Despite the theme parks, shopping and a lot of other pleasures – the weather is, of course, a prime reason to visit Florida. Read about typical weather conditions and see statistics about the weather in Florida.


In this section we have compiled lots of useful travel informationNot only the things you need to know during the holiday in The Sunshine State, but also a lot of tips on how to plan your trip.