Car hire in Florida – find the best deal on your rental car, with all important insurances for free. Renting a car in Florida is cheap since the state’s tourism industry is based on visitors choosing to get around by car. Renting a car is a prerequisite for a vacation in Florida, the exception is if the stay is limited to partying in South Beach or Key West.

What is offered by us and Rentalcars, our trusted partner since 2013:
• A car from an established rental company at the airports (no shuttle to a far away location).
• Always the lowest price. If you find something cheaper, Rentalcars will match the price.
• All inclusive, meaning you get the important insurances without extra costs.
• A guide to Florida toll roads, important information because the agreements between car companies differ quite a bit and your choice affects your total cost.

rent a car

Rent a car – part of the Florida dream vacation

To rent a car in Florida is part of the dream vacation. Without a rental car, there will be no real Florida vacation. Follow our advice, read our tips regarding car hire – and trust...
rental car insurances

Five important car rental insurances for free

Five important rental car insurances – and you get them for free. The basic offer (included in the reservation through Rentalcars) is sufficient and includes the essential liability insurance (Supplemental Liability Insurance, SLI). To emphasize...
Toll roads

Toll roads – save money and time on the road

Toll roads in Florida – pay attention, you do not want to start your vacation by paying a fine. There are two ways of breezing through the toll stations without stopping (and saving some money...
Gas prices

Gas prices – much cheaper than in Europe

Gas prices in Florida – a concern for 99 out of 100 Florida visitors. Gasoline is cheap in Florida, but the US uses other octane numbers – watch out! Paying by card can be a problem...