Disney World Resort in Orlando originated from Disneyland in Anaheim, Los Angeles, but is totally different to the rather small park in California. Not only because there are four different Disney parks in Orlando: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, also because the WDW Resort in Orlando takes up a huge area and is actually the largest employer in the US in one place.

Everything changed in central Florida when Walt Disney put Orlando on the map in 1971 and made Disney World an important part of Florida’s contemporary history. Besides the parks Disney World means hotels (on-site or “next door”), Orlando’s best night life for families at Disney Springs, shopping centers and vast areas of unspoiled Florida nature.

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Star Wars

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens August 29

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is a mastodontic project of the Disney World Resort in Orlando. The absolute largest expansion during Disney's nearly 50 years in Florida. Not only does it occupy a big area, much...
walt disney world

Walt Disney World: Four world famous parks

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is a place everybody wants to visit – for four reasons: The classic Magic Kingdom, the futuristic Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Disney World is an important part...
Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom forever changed Florida

Magic Kingdom – The Walt Disney World Resort classic. The beginning of the Orlando boom. It feels like a visit to Orlando is not complete without having seen this park from the inside. Magic Kingdom has...

Epcot – exciting rides and popular festivals

Epcot – number two of Disney's theme parks in Orlando. A park that wins in the long run, offers more exciting adventure than you can imagine and organizes popular festivals. What was planned by Walt...
Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios – Star Wars coming soon

Hollywood Studios, Disney's third park in Orlando, faces major news. First Toy Story Land during summer 2018, then Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the largest single Disney project ever. By 2019, the same project will be built...
Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom with a new exciting world

Animal Kingdom – an odd combination of contemporary environmental thinking and a zoo that takes us to whole new worlds with "Pandora – The World of Avatar". The latter has been Disney's biggest news in...
fast pass

Fast pass in Disney Parks – less time in queues

Disney fast pass – a shortcut to use in order to spend less time in queues. This ticket benefit is provided free of charge when you buy your Disney park tickets at the Official Ticket...
Pandora The World of Avatar

Pandora The World of Avatar – huge success

Pandora the World of Avatar is a new land with movie themes in Animal Kingdom at Disney World. Even though a lot was happening in Orlando in 2017, Pandora's imaginative attractions was the years highlight...
Toy Story

Toy Story major change at Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land – this year's (2018) big event at Disney. Compared to both the Star Wars project and Pandora - World of Avatar (already opened) this new land feels relatively small. But is, at the...
blizzard beach

Blizzard Beach – result of worst snow storm

An alpine resort in the middle of Disney World – it's the story behind Blizzard Beach. Just the same imaginative concept as the sister park Typhoon Lagoon. Two million visitors annually makes the water park the...