Gas prices in Florida – a concern for 99 out of 100 Florida visitors.
Gasoline is cheap in Florida, but the US uses other octane numbers – watch out!
Paying by card can be a problem – read our tips about gas stations.

Gas prices

Gas prices in the US are low. Generally about half the price, compared to Europe (at least at normal dollar rate).
But beware: prices can vary quite a bit, we have seen examples of twice the amount per gallon in two different gas stations, not that far apart from each other. Usually, the prices at gas stations near an airport are a lot higher. They live on rental car customers who have to fill the tank before returning the car.
Even so, paying the car rental company for gasoline will be far more expensive, up to $ 9.00/gallon. (One gallon is 3.78 liters.)

Find the best gas prices in Florida

If you want to save some dollars, check current prices at Gasbuddy and you will be surprised.
On my latest check (December 2017) I found some areas where the price was below $ 2.00/gallon or just over, while the price at other places in the state approached $ 3.00. The normal price at this check was $ 2.35-2.50.

87 octane should be ok for a rental car

Just like everything else in the United States, the Americans have chosen to measure the octane differently than most of the world. That means different numbers, which can be puzzling.

Most importantly, if it says “Unleaded” on the pump, choose Regular, which is 87 octane and corresponds to approximately 95 octane in Europe. It should be ok for the rental car, unless otherwise stated.

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At the pump you will be prompted to enter your US zip code and sometimes it may work with the postal code of your hotel or even your postal code from back home. I feel it is pretty stupid to risk losing the card. But try once.

Better to take the habit of paying in advance. Cash or by card. You simply enter the station and mention a certain amount or pay with your card after you have filled.


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