Florida weather and climate: How much does it rain in Florida? Will it be cold in winter in Florida? Can I count on sunshine in Florida during my vacation?
Because the answers to the questions are partly related to what part of Florida is visited, weather statistics are presented for nine different locations on the Florida peninsula.
The places represent the most popular holiday destinations, and are also spread out geographically to give the full view of the Florida climate.

Florida weather

We start with Orlando, the most popular travel destination in the state. From there, we handle the state of Florida counterclockwise, meaning from St Augustine in the northeast, along the coast, to end in the north with Panama City Beach.

Weather questions are the hardest to answer even though it’s about The Sunshine State.
The below statistics about Florida weather explain a little bit beyond what we have written to date about the weather in Florida.

Will it be sunny? How often does it rain? How warm is it?
Difficult questions, we provide answers about Florida´s weather through the information below.

Even though winter feels like a nice northern european summer it gets chilly at night. Bring a sweater if you are going to Orlando wintertime!

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Even the Miami area has had some pretty tough winters lately and not long ago it was under 10ºC in Key West – very rare! One should generally count on at least 20 degrees in the southeast, even in the winter.

Florida weather for nine places

On the statistics from yr.no you will see all weather statistics for nine places in Florida.
Check the average temperature for each month, but see the maximum and minimum temperatures more like an event, not as a rule.

In addition, you’ll see how much it rains on average. But the statistic about Florida weather during the summer months feels a little misleading. Certainly it rains a lot. But it is almost always fast-moving rain showers.



in our own experience: Absolutely lovely days in January. Sun from a clear blue sky. Maybe a sweater in the evenings. As you can see in the statistics, it cools down at night.
Most rain in July. Also the hottest month. Lowest temperature ever: -7 C.


When I get my reports from the CEO of FloridaUSAguide (Gunnar Hedqwist, St. Augustine), he sometimes complains that he is freezing in the winter. Hat on maybe?
Coldest in January. Most rain in September.


is included as a benchmark for the coast in line with Orlando. Also here a history of minus zero, the worst of 1985 with – 9ºC. The highest temperature measured was 39ºC, but that´s over 30 years ago.


Southeastern Florida during winter has a little higher temperature than the west coast. This has to do with the fact that the Gulf Stream is closer to the coast here.
Fort Lauderdale follows the same weather pattern.


A few years ago, 8 degrees was noted in Key West. I did not think it was true! (But apparently it has happened before, only five degrees Celsius in 1981.)
But don’t worry, Key West is tropical almost all year. A short time during the winter months the average temperature at night drops below 20ºC. But usually, during the daytime, it should be 22-23ºC or more that time of year.
Most precipitation in September.


Warmest in July and, as at so many other places in Florida, also the month when it’s raining most. Fort Myers weather is typical of the southwest corner and is a bit higher in temperature than other parts of the west coast during the winter months.


is similar to Fort Myers. However, since Sarasota is located in a different climate zone, the temperature varies some degrees during the winter. Also warm here in July, but (for some reason) more rain in August than in July.


Despite the northern position on the west coast, the average daily temperature is always over 20 degrees. Not below cero as long as we have known the area, i.e. over 25 years.


may represent North Florida. A really good area, weather-like, to visit in the summer. However, in the middle of winter, temperatures are often way below 20 degrees. Coldest in January. (Northern Florida rarely reaches normal northern european summer level during the winter.)

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All content on this page and other parts of FloridaUSAguide is based on information from the Scandinavian online publication Florida.nu, established in Clearwater Beach, Florida, 2006.