Hollywood Studios, Disney’s third park in Orlando, faces major news.
First Toy Story Land during summer 2018, then Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the largest single Disney project ever.
By 2019, the same project will be built in Disneyland, California.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is for the moment characterized by changes. Similarities with the park opened in 1989 are soon going to be very few.

Hollywood Studios was built fast and continues to change – at rocket speed (!) – with both a Toy Story Land and a Star Wars Land, the latter a mastodontic project, something previously never seen in a Disney park.

Blinded (when this page was updated) by Disney’s “Pandora – The World of Avatar” in the Animal Kingdom, we easily forget that the neighbors here at Hollywood Studios are opening Toy Story Land in the summer of 2018 and the biggest expansion ever in a Disney park: a Star Wars Land, opening in 2019.

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In the beginning, a Disney-based movie theme was thought to be part of Epcot, but instead Disney MGM Studios was created. With movie themes and always with lots of creative grip for interacting with the visitors.

The park became Disney’s counterpart to Universal’s movie attractions. Disney had heard the rumors that Universal planned to copy its popular park in California to Florida and therefore made a quick projection of Hollywood/MGM Studios.

This became the first park in Orlando with movies as the theme. Universal lost the race on the finish line.

Hollywood Studios is for movie freaks

One has to be a bit of movie freak to enjoy Hollywood Studios and the youngest may be a bit bored because they are forced to refrain from the toughest rides.

Among the “celebrities” in the park:
Indiana Jones with both friends and enemies, all the Muppets with Kermit and Miss Piggy and Beauty and the Beast.

Hollywood Studios has six themes:

Hollywood Boulevard

Like the Magic Kingdom, the copy of the famous street in Los Angeles works as an entrance. It leads up to the area where the now removed landmark of this Disney park, the Wizard’s hat, was to be found and further out into the midst of the entertainment attractions. This part offers a parade of film themes.

Echo Lake

California theme with attractions inspired from, among other things, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, plus spectacular performances by stuntmen.

Animation Courtyard

is devoted to Disney’s cartoon films. Often interactive and we really feel that Hollywood, as a movie factory, is present here.

Grand Avenue

The only thing left in this area, formerly known as the Streets of America, is the Muppets 3D attraction. Other parts have been sacrificed for Star Wars.

Pixar Place

Here you will find the characters from Disney’s successful film Toy Story in the form of the Toy Story Midway Mania! Attraction. When Toy Story gets its own area, this attraction becomes part of the entrance – what will be  left of Pixar Place, we wonder?

Sunset Boulevard

How do you combine Aerosmith and Beauty and the Beast? The answer is here. We are again in a Hollywood street scene and the rock band stands for a dark experience in the roller coaster. The second music experience is on stage, in the form of the best of the musical The Beauty and The Beast.


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