Pandora the World of Avatar is a new land with movie themes in Animal Kingdom at Disney World.
Even though a lot was happening in Orlando in 2017, Pandora’s imaginative attractions was the years highlight and we predict continued long queues (even with a fast pass) to the attractions.

Pandora The World of Avatar

It was a long-awaited premiere in Animal Kingdom in late May 2017 when Pandora the World of Avatar welcomed the first official visitors.
Many had been queuing since the day before to make sure to be able to test the new rides as early as possible on the premiere day.

Now, a couple of months later, when we sum up the situation, we see an enormous interest in Animal Kingdom. And that is entirely the merit of Pandora.

The most important advice (which apply actually to all park visits) are these:

  • Study all information about the park.
  • Plan your visit carefully.
  • Take advantage of your Disney Fast pass, which you get free when you buy your ticket from the Official Ticket Center.
  • You are in the park all day, experience all the other attractions and choose the Pandora rides when it as suits you best.

Gunnar’s tips about Pandora The World of Avatar

The owner of FloridaUSAguide, Gunnar Hedqwist who lives in St Augustine and often visits Orlando’s parks, provides the following report on Pandora The World of Avatar:

Since the park opened, three million people have taken the Flight of Passage. This means an average of 20,000 people each day. So there really is no need to explain why the queues to the ride are between three and four hours long…

Gunnar’s tips:

  • Buy the ticket at the Official Ticket Center before your visit (book and get your ticket to Animal Kingdom at the OTC office or order an E-ticket). By doing so, you are already saving time, as you do not have to stand in line at Disney’s ticket kiosks.
  • Avoid carrying bags, and the security check will be faster. Important minutes to save.
  • Prepare to know exactly where in the park the Avatar Flight of Passage is located. Also here are important minutes to save on getting ahead in the long queue.
  • It is the Avatar flight you want to concentrate on, as it is more popular than the Na’vi River Journey.

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Pandora the World of Avatar: 5 insider tips before the visit

Important to know: Pandora the World of Avatar is not an own theme park. However, since May 2017, this Avatar Land is an important part of Animal Kingdom. But there are really only two real rides:

Na’vi River Journey – a family adventure which is a boat trip through the forests of the strange planet.

Avatar Flight of Passage – the simulated ride/flight on a Banshee.

Avatars creator, the famous Hollywood director James Cameron (Titanic, the Terminator movies, etc.), stands for an environmental thinking he shares with the designers at Disney. Therefore, Animal Kingdom was seen as the natural choice for a this science fiction adventure. (By the way, the movie Avatar 2 will come in 2020.)

Visit Orlando is the area’s tourist organization and they present some insider tips that you will benefit from:

Talk to the experts. You do not even need to know the movie (or maybe you have forgotten parts of the action) because the visitor can turn to an expert and get answers to all questions. You can get a quick course on the planet’s remarkable flora and fauna or learn about the Na’vi people.

Pandora the World of Avatar: “Come close to a Na’vi!”

Make your visit right. A key issue, according to Visit Orlando. Certainly, the environment is special even during the daytime, but in the dark it becomes a completely different experience. Best time: At dusk. It is precisely at sunset, the floating mountains are the most beautiful.

“Save room for unusual eats.” The blogger is talking about the goodies offered in Pongu Pongu, exotic names like Night Blossom and Moara Margarita with Sauza Conmemorativo Añejo Tequila.

Come close, or become, a Na’vi. See how big a Na’vi is while waiting in line for the Avatar Flight of Passage. At a place next to the Avatar Flight of Passage you can also get your face painted Na´vi style or even get your face scanned onto a Na´vi action figure – what a souvenir!

Interactive plants. Just after the entrance there is a plant called Bottle Reclinata. Touch it and it sprinkles water into the air. Further into the park there is a pond where strange plants spray water on everybody who is waving their arms.


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