Islands of Adventure – toughest of all theme parks, is said to be the most technologically advanced park in the world.
Just like at Universal Studios, there is a Harry Potter theme here: Harry Potters Hogsmeade, which was the first world about the popular magician.

Islands of Adventure

Universal is the proud owner of what is considered the world’s most technologically advanced theme park. Lets take one of the top attractions at Islands of Adventure as an example:
In the Incredible Hulk Coaster you are thrown into the dark with speeds of over 100km/h, for a moment experiencing weightlessness, making seven 360-degree turns and experiencing two breathtaking free falls. Pooh! The park has several a similar rides.

Considerably calmer is the Jurassic Park, a boat trip that by many visitors is described as better than the Shark ride (this classic ride that is long gone).

Back to some little action: The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, a 3D ride that took Universal five years to build and cost over $ 100 million.

Islands of Adventure has eight islands:

Port of Entry

– as in many other parks, there is an entrance area, with shops and services, that leads to the other parts of Islands of Adventure.

Marvel Super Hero Island

The Incredible Hulk is a roller coaster with the highest possible speed, over 100 km/h. The 3D Adventure of The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman not only features Spiderman, but also other typical Marvel heroes like Wolverine and Captain America.

Show Lagoon

Water theme with Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges, where we also meet Popeye, the spinach lover.

Skull Island

Only one attraction in this area: Skull Island: The Reign of Kong, which means that King Kong has returned to Universal after being kicked out of Universal Studios in 2002.

Jurassic Park

Exciting rides in combination with some more informative parts related to dinosaurs. Jurassic Park River Adventure is a tough attraction and Pteranodon Flyers is for the youngest.

Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade

The first of the Harry Potter worlds at Universal. The Dragon Challenge is closed to accommodate a more contemporary Potter attraction. Remember to get park-to-park tickets to be able to switch between the two Potter worlds.

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The Lost Continent

Myths and legends on an island that shrank (an attraction disappeared) when the neighbor (Potter) entered the scene.

Seuss Landing

Theme with only material from the author Dr. Seuss, best known for The Cat in the Hat. An island more for the youngest. Imaginative and exciting.


  • At the Official Ticket Center select the ticket called “Universal 2 Park Multi Day Park to Park Ticket (2 days)”.
  • The same applies to the child ticket (considered as child up to the day the child is 10 years old).
  • Note that Universe’s differentiated pricing (i.e. different prices during main season) applies only to one-day tickets.

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