The hurricane turned the landscape upside down and the result became a tropical paradise: Typhoon Lagoon.
The park was Disney World’s second water park (the first was River Country, which closed 2005) and is famous for the world’s largest wave pools outdoors.

Typhoon Lagoon

Miss Adventure Falls – new attraction in Typhoon Lagoon

About 2 300 000 visitors each year makes Typhoon Lagoon Disney’s largest water success, thus slightly larger than the sister park Blizzard Beach.

The story behind Typhoon Lagoon is a dramatic hurricane that got surfboards to end up in the palm trees, small boats landed on the rooftops and placed the shrimp trawler “Miss Tilly” on top of Mount Mayday that wakes up every half hour to sprinkle water across the park.

The attractions are many, they suit all tastes and all ages. Popular attraction is Crush ‘n’ Gusher, which is a roller coaster-like attraction in the aquatic environment. You go alone or in company with a mate.

Several wave pools, both for grown ups and for the youngest, are distinctive for the park.
Mayday Falls is the most intense of the park’s activities.

Usually this water park closed a few weeks a week for technical maintenance, but Disney states that Blizzard Beach’s sister park always offers an alternative.

With Miss Adventure Falls, the very popular and imaginative water park has created the longest water experience ever in a Disney water park.

The event was premiered in March 2017. Miss Adventure Falls is a family ride in a pirate environment. Four people go together in a playful hunt for the treasure “Captain Mary Oceaneer” has hidden.

Maybe you get company by the parrot that pops up here and there in the tropical park environment.

Typhoon Lagoon is located at the entrance of Disney Springs and is actually the only one of Disney’s parks located in Lake Buena Vista (Disney’s official address). Other parks (including the four major) are located in the neighboring Bay Lake.


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