An alpine resort in the middle of Disney World – it’s the story behind Blizzard Beach.
Just the same imaginative concept as the sister park Typhoon Lagoon.
Two million visitors annually makes the water park the third most visited in the world.

blizzard beach

The blue alligator at Blizzard Beach: “Build a water park!” 

The story behind Blizzard Beach is that Florida has suffered from its first (and worst) snow storm. There was so much snow that it created an alpine ski resort with Mount Gushmore in the center. But the snow melted of course …

So what do you do with a ski resort, its lifts, etc? A water park, of course! But (still according to the Disney legend) only after the park’s mascot Ice Gator, a blue alligator, intervened. Dressed in a red scarf came Ice Gator riding down the rocks on a gold-colored bathing ring and landed in the big pool of molten snow – the message to the disappointed skiers was clear: “Turn the slopes into a water park!”

Usually this water park closed for a few weeks a week for technical maintenance, but Disney states that it always offers the Typhoon Lagoon sister park as an alternative.

Most water adventures come from Mount Gushmore, such as three different slopes: Green, Purple and Red. A mix of speedy watercourses and others designed for a calmer ride down the mountain.

But even at ground level there are plenty of water attractions. Here is something for everyone, for the whole family, young and old. Of course also restaurants and shops.

The characteristic of Blizzard Beach is that relatively many water activities do not have any length requirements, even the youngest (shortest) can go.

Blizzard Beach is located between Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom in the southwestern part of Disney World.


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