Volcano Bay is Universals new water attraction in Orlando – a park where you do not have to queue!
The park, sometimes known as Universal’s third park, has a high-tech virtual queue system that they named TapuTapu.
Volcano Bay is replacing the classic Wet ‘n Wild. But unfortunately, so far, only possible to visit with multi-day tickets to the Universal parks.

Volcano Bay

A whole generation mourned classic Wet ‘n Wild

It’s impossible to write about this water park without mentioning some nostalgic Orlando history.
It did not help that Universal during the prelude of Volcano Bay promised high tech features and a modern park, a whole generation of Orlando visitors prematurely mourned the classic Wet ‘n Wild, an institution at International Drive since 1977 but closed five months before Volcano Bay was ready to open.

Volcano Bay is located adjacent to the major Universal hotels Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Sapphire Falls, just south of the Islands of Adventure.

The water park’s brand is Krakatau, the large volcano visible already during the construction phase and became a landmark along the Interstate 4 highway.

Four themes at Volcano Bay

Today, nobody is mourning Wet ‘n Wild which, in comparison, feels almost antique when we view the Krakatau volcano and its attractions.

Volcano Bay has four themes/areas:

  • Krakatau – four rides, including a “body plunge” which means almost free fall incredible 38 meters through the volcano.
  • Wave Village – for relaxation, but also two pools with waves, one adapted for the youngest.
  • River Village – the rides include a slow river around the volcano and two raft rides where one walks together.
  • Rainforest Village – the section with most attractions.

Of many different elements within the new park is the main attraction that stands out as something exceptional and rarely innovative:

The Krakatau Aqua Coaster

– combining high-tech features with water park adventures and taking the family on an unforgettable journey through the park’s icon, the 70-meter-high Krakatua volcano.

The guests sit in custom designed canoes and travel up – and down – through the interior of the volcano and its peaks and valleys.

Slight turns and other fast maneuvers, down through dark passages or downwards through glittering waterfalls and so on.

Specially designed bracelet: TapuTapu

What feels most exciting in the new park: A system without queues. TapuTapu is described as a virtual queue system where you get all the information via a specially designed bracelet.

The bracelet will tell you when it’s your turn, meanwhile you can have fun in other areas of the area. You can also use TapuTapu for interactive adventures in the water park.

/A sample of how Universal markets this in the video./

Only multi-day ticket applies for entry to Volcano Bay

Ever since the news came that Volcano Bay would be the new water park in Orlando, we have followed the project with great interest.

Since ForidaUSAguide works closely with Official Ticket Center, we often get to know unique Orlando news through their employees. Turn to them for them best ticket information regarding everything at Universal Resort (as well as other Orlando parks and attractions).

With some surprise, OTC announced early that Universal will not sell separate tickets to Volcano Bay. Apparently, the Universal group expects so much interest that tickets are only offered to those who bought multi-day tickets to the theme parks.


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